Saturday, September 15, 1984


My memories are but cloudy images and feelings I had being around you.
I wanted to protect you from hurt, wreckless anger and abandonment.
As a child, I was your protector and caretaker.
Unaware as I was, that it was you who should have been protecting me.
I thought you were the only person who truly cared for me, stunned when my trust was betrayed.

When I no longer could survive by myself, let alone take care of you,
I became a useless and unnecessary part of your life.
You left me alone, to fight for myself.
But I failed, because I only knew how to fight for you.

Sunday, September 9, 1984

Shattered Glass

Splinters hamper my footsteps,
Acknowledging the difficulty of my every move.
Torturing me.
Every risk encountered

Grasping at an empty pane,
Laced with sharp edges.
Around every corner is a piece of glass.
Shattered like my dreams.