Thursday, September 15, 1983


Self-absorbing, serene, ultimately self-preserving.
Images I would like to create and leave behind.
Intimate memories of how I would like to be,
Doomed never to procure for myself except in death.

Friday, July 1, 1983

Summer Breeze

Streaming over my face and hair,
Undoing its mangled mess of curls.
Mesmerizing me,
Enveloping me in its rhapsody.

Brisk and gentle,
Revering itself.
Encountering the salt and sand,
Entertaining the birds.
Zealous and always energizing.

Sunday, May 1, 1983

Your World

The tears you draw are effortless.
No fantasy has survived in your world.
Full of sharp edges, you close your eyes to the world.
Blunted by time and exposure, they no longer harm you.
So, detached, you watch the flow, into the cup.
Your cleansing ritual rids you of guilt, pain, and pleasure.
Yes, even pleasure.
You smile with satisfaction.

Friday, April 15, 1983

Wilted Flowers

Idly expressing their sadness.
Life has ceased to exist,
Withering away into dust.

Flawless, limp.
Once willowy.
Everlasting life removed and
Stripped from their petals.

Friday, April 1, 1983

Mirrored Hope

Looking hopefully into the mirror,
Or possibly hopelessly,
She closes her eyes.
She is beautiful.
If only they would open their eyes to her.
Pondering the thought,
She smiles.
The day is too beautiful for threats.

Tuesday, March 1, 1983

Realities of Life

Think, but only abstractly.
Imagination and creativity emerge.
But, keep a finger on reality,
Or become lost forever in dreams.

Admire, but only from a distance.
Kindness and innocence emerge.
But, keep your distance,
Thorns and venom could surface.

Love, but only with a whole heart.
Happiness and fulfillment emerge.
But, be careful not to blacken that love,
Or it will be destroyed forever, irreparable.