Monday, May 24, 1999

Sharing My Life With You

This morning I kissed you goodbye.
And it seems an eternity
Before I will kiss your lips hello again.
Though only hours pass between the time together,
Each moment with you is delightful, exciting, alive.
I miss you more than words can express.
There are times my eyes swell with tears,
Reflecting on the joy you have brought into my life.

I am afraid, at once, for the intensity of what I feel.
These feelings violate the promise made to myself years ago.
A promise to protect, to rebuild my fortress,
To shield my heart from another heartbreak.

Then I close my eyes.
And I see your eyes before me,
Looking into mine,
Conveying a warm caress,
A tenderness of heart.
The swells of emotion and memories reassure me.
There is nothing I would not give to have you in my life,
To hold and embrace you within my heart.

Your touch, your soothing voice, your calm manner,
I would not trade these for all the mountaintops.
Nor would I trade your love for the enticing and invigorating breeze,
Felt upon my skin as I stand atop a hillside,
The warmth of the sun penetrating my body.
I would not give your love away for a rushing brook,
Or the soothing sound of the retreating surf on a pebble beach.

The mountains, the breeze, and the surf
Have always been a part of my life.
And they brought me joy and peace.
And now that I have you to share them with,
They seem even more beautiful and calming,
Restoring my serenity.