Monday, March 12, 1990


Awakening all of my senses.
Sensuality that is insuppressible takes over,
Only to heighten the perception of every
Nuance in our movements together.

Sunday, March 11, 1990

Young Love

Yesterday my dreams were filled with
Only you.
Unpredictable, sensitive,
Never taking my love for

Lying here alone, my thoughts are
Only of you.
Very precious to me and
Endlessly easing my mind.

Thursday, March 1, 1990

Endangered Species

Existing in solitude.
No one is there, open to devour my appropriated needs.
Guilt overwhelms me for ever needing anyone.
Repulsed is each person
Who decides to care about me.

Scared of putting myself on the line.
Endlessly searching for comfort and compassion.
Intuitively knowing that
Everyone would have to be sick to need or want me.