Monday, May 15, 1989

Worlds Apart

Worlds apart these planets lay,
Alike and different in many ways.
One aches for peace, too many fights,
The other knows nothing but love each night.
We people pray to Gods above,
They only one, a God named Love.
People experience many emotions,
One honors only tranquil devotion.
Our language is common to them, you see,
But their feelings are always allowed to roam free.
No hush placed on feelings of anger and hate,
These words don’t exist as part of their fate.
We have leaders who want a perfect race,
These people appreciate any passing face.
Our lands need water through irrigation,
Their waters flow freely, in full cooperation.
Many of us put our lives on a shelf,
They live their lives for life itself.
There are times we can take,
Times we can leave,
Sometimes we even need time to grieve.
But there are other worlds,
Beyond skies up above,
Where people understand the true meaning of love.