Monday, July 23, 1990

The Long Road

Being with you makes me feel loved and wanted.
Two things I have only on rare occasion felt assured of.
Fear grips at my heart as I walk
Tremulously down this new road of
Letting someone get so close to me.
I expect my travels will be long
And often frustrating for us both.
But be patient and wait for me.
Once I reach its end, my arms will embrace you
More warmly than they ever have embraced anyone before you.
I promise you it will be worth the wait.

Sunday, July 15, 1990


A secretive glance, a nervous smile.
At once, warmth floods your body
And you shyly look away.
The confidence you had to smile
Has suddenly been replaced by nervous anticipation.

You try to avert your mind, to resume concentration.
But all that keeps flashing through your mind is his image,
The image that reflects its warmth in your own countenance.

Somehow your world has changed,
Offering new hope and heartened challenges.
No longer is the image just in your mind,
It has materialized within arms reach.
But there is fear.

Fear that yearns to draw you together
And yet holds you apart.
Cautiously your fingers extend just enough to touch his.
You look for compassion in his face.
As he looks at you, your fear evaporates
And you embrace each others’ courage.

Saturday, July 14, 1990


Caressing your hands, opening my heart to you.
Never doubting my decision to trust you implicitly.
Enticing are your arms,
Never weak or trembling.
But always meltingly warm and soft to my touch.
Enveloping me in their comfort and strength,
Not letting me down when I have needed them.
Telling you my heart’s dreams in complete trust.

Sunday, July 1, 1990

The River Banks

A river with many forks
Has many ways to flow.
Its resources continuously split and rechanneled.
The gray misty forests
Put on a fog for the banks which
Restrain their energy.
They seldom dry up,
They seldom lose their way.
The river continues to flow
And provide for the land,
Even once the rains have stopped.