Tuesday, November 14, 1989


Haven for those emptied of remorse and shame.
Left alone to live a life of damnation.

Wednesday, November 1, 1989


Searching endlessly for my purpose in life.
Forever lost in my dreams, alone.
Except for my existence,
My sense of identity seems surreal.

A Few Excerpts From My Mind (From Darker Times In My Life)


I have built a fortress for myself,
To protect me from harm.
Years it has taken to erect.
Each day added yet one more brick.
Until now.

And now I can no longer see each sunrise and sunset,
Or the dreams that should have been in my mind.

All that I can see are the illusions.
Illusions of faces that have tried to scale the walls.
Trying to penetrate the mortar that binds each brick to another.

Promises of trust and love cannot serve as footholds,
For too many times they have broken beneath the climber's arch,
Just as their promises have.

I wait patiently on the cool, darkly shaded side of the walls.
Waiting no more for promises which will be broken.

Instead, I await the warm, brilliant sunlight of genuine trust and love
To show me that there is life and a world full of dreams
Beyond the walls of my fortress.