Friday, August 1, 1997

Let Me Be There For You

Love which brings two people together,
Embracing them, their souls to journey in life together.

My soul is here to love you, comfort you,
Accept you, here, now and evermore.

Battered your soul seems at times,
An enigma which I desire to know, to cherish, to adore.

Truth seems muddled and lost at times,
Hidden behind old wounds and scars.
Exposing oneself again, risking rejection,
Evading more pain at all cost.

From you I want nothing more than to openly share with you
Joy, fear, pain, lust, anger.
Relinquish not my spirit and its offerings.

You must believe yourself worthy of my love and concern.
Until that time, it will be here for you, awaiting your acceptance.

For My Sweet

I have not seen your face, have not touched it with my hands,
But I know its expressions and feel its countenance through your words.

I have not walked with you in moments of silence, listened to the quiet rhythms of your breath,
But I know the path you wish to follow.

I have not tasted your lips, or inhaled your fragrance,
Yet I know that they are tender and sweet.

I have not felt your body beside mine, have not felt the quivers of delight in your presence,
But your mind has aroused me with anticipation.

I have not walked a mile with you yet in this world,
but my heart has told me that this is the path we need explore together.

I have not told you, live and in person, how my soul aches to touch your heart,
But it does and I long for you.

And I have not yet told you with my voice, though I have just begun to know you,
You have taken hold of my heart, warmly and tenderly.

Take this walk with me, love, and let me love you.