Sunday, March 11, 2001

Affirmations from "End The Struggle And Dance With Life" by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

Life is beautiful, I have it all. But even in the sunshine, one has to cry sometimes.

It's all happening perfectly.

I am enough.

No matter what life decides to hand me, I'll handle it.

Find the blessing. Find the lesson to be learned. Find the strength you never thought you had. Find the triumph.

We were born to learn, to grow, to expand, to love, to create, to enjoy, to see the beauty in all things–including ourselves. But we weren't born to be perfect!

The only thing we can effectively control is our reactions to whatever life hands us.

Use and enjoy that which enriches your life. Let go of that which is just excess baggage.

If you are not enjoying yourself, you are wasting your time!

Taking things for granted is one of the greatest assaults on the quality of our lives.

When we focus on abundance, our life feels abundant; when we focus on lack, our life feels lacking. It is simply a matter of focus.

If we saw ourselves as perpetual beginners, we would be much kinder to ourselves.

Humor creates a shift in perception that allows us to center ourselves in a powerful place.

Spiritual growth is not a destination. It is a forever process of learning and expanding and exploring and discovering.

Trust you know what is right for you at any particular time.

If you haven't made any mistakes lately, you must be doing something wrong!

Embrace the journey...embrace who you are...embrace all there is...

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